Shilpa Meeta Arjun And Neha – Telugu Sex Stories

Hi, guys I’m nick here with a story. About me just read previous stories of mine to know. So let’s get to story, actually it will start from next paragraph go to next paragraph if you want some action. Now let’s talk in common tongue.

Hi guys, so whoever reading this story, I hope you read the previous parts in this series. If not finish previous parts and come to this part to have fun. Reading from the beginning make you get involved into the characters, which helps you to get good satisfaction while reading. I hope you guys get full of this for spending your time on this.

Let’s begin, you guys remember rahul, who lives in the same apartment where arjun and neha lives and also ex boyfriend of neha. He’s married and when his wife was not around, he went physical with his maid. Now the wife returned back. The wife name is shilpa, she is housewife, and her stats 36, 32, 34. She has really nice pair of boobs, every boy and girl will suck on them all day.

So, shilpa thanu vala hometown ninchi back city ki vachindhi. Shilpa vachina tharvatha rahul thanani hug chesukoni kiss cheyatam start chesadu, idharu kiss chesthu unnaru deep ga, rahul thana right hand shilpa boobs press cheyatam start chesadu kiss chesthu. Shilpa ki kuda sex gap ravatam vala rahul kiss cheyagane full mood ki vachindhi, thanu rahul dress inka thana dress ni remove cheyatam start chesindhi.

Idharu vala dress tisi bedroom ki velaru, shilpa rahul dick patukoni suck cheyatam start chesindhi. Rahul calm ga bed medha panukoni blowjob ni enjoy chesthu unnadu. Shilpa 5 mins blowjob ichi rahul dick ni thana pukulo petukindhi. Rahul shilpa boobs press chesthu unadu. Rahul ipudu doggy position ki switch iyi fast ga dengatam start chesadu, ala 5 mins tharvatha shilpa pukulo out ipoyadu.

Ipudu hema vachi door bell ring chesindhi, neha door open chesi hema ni hug chesukoni lopaliki ranichindhi, idhari boobs press iyayi hug chesukunapudu, adhi idharu feel iyaru. Neha thanu bedroom ki panukundhi nude ga, hema kitchen ki veli pani chesthu undhi, thanu kitchen and hall lo pani iyaka bedroom ki vachindhi, akada neha arjun ni back ninchi hug chesukoni panukoni undhi, thana right hand arjun dick ni patukoni slow ga press chesthu undhi.

Hema kuda veli cheyi vesindhi, idharu arjun dick ni massage chesthu unnaru. Arjun hema ni kiss chesadu, tharvatha thana saree tisi boobs suck cheyatam start chesadu, arjun hema palu thaguthu unnadu. Neha hema puku ki fingering chesthu inka nakatam start chesindhi.

Arjun hema palu thagina tharvatha, thana dick ni hema pukulo petadu and neha vachi hema boobs ni slow ga press chesthu thana palu thaguthu undhi. Arjun hema ni dengatam start chesadu adhey time lo neha ki fingering kuda isthunadu ala 2 mins cheyaganey hema out ipoindhi. Arjun inka continue chesadu thanani degatam.

Arjun vaka 10 mins koncham fast ga hema ni fuck chedina tharvatha thana puko out ipoyadu. Inka neha out avaledhu andhukani, hema neha puku nakatam start chesindhi, hema neha puku nakutuntey sounds cheyatam start chesindhi thatukoleka, thana boobs ni kuda gatiga press chedukuntu undhi. Hema matram neha clitoris ni inka vagina ni baga stimulate thana naluka tho, neha ki thana puku lo ninchi wet ga thana juices vasthunai yekuvaga.

Inka last ki out iyey time ki hema head ni thana puku ki gatiga vathi out ipoindhi thana cum antha hema thagindhi. Inka idharu clean chesukotani bathroom ki velaru, hema clean chesukoni vachi bedroom clean chesindhi, neha sanam cheyatam start chesindhi. Arjun inka bed medhey unnadu, thana cock semi erect iyi undhi. Hema adhi arjun dick ni notlo petukoni koncham gatiga korikindhi.

Arjun ventaney lesadu nopiki. Hema arjun ki blowjob ivatam start chesindhi. Thanu chala fast ga isthundhi, arjun balls ni kuda massage chesthu undhi, kasepati loney arjun out ipoyadu. Tharvatha hema velipoindhi.