Lovely night and my mom

Please accept my poor language skills. And feel my experience. This happend when I am very small may be less than 6 year. My father was in millataty,my mom my self and my younger brother were staying in a village with grand parents.

Now I want narrat incident which happened at that night. In our room there are two cots usually I sleep on cot and my mom and smaller brother sleep on second one. But that evening I got scoldings from my mom so I was in bad mood. I refused supper then mom started pleading me but I am very disappointed. Any how my mom feeded some food with so much concern. Then my mood completely changed I became intimate to her and i started moving behind her, she too felt some closenes.

When the bed time came i need to be separated. But I started feeling alonenes on bed. With in few minutes mom understood my situation. But my brother can’t sleep with out her. Then herself in low voice told me, she come to my bed after my brother sleep. Then I felt very happy and excited. Cots are not that much distance so we can visper. As my anxiety increasing I started whispering mom, and she is saying brother did not sleep. I asked mom for water, mom told to take my self if she get up brother get disturbed so I can’t come to you quickly. Then i kept quite even I’m very thrusty waiting for my caring mom. After 20 min.i saw my mom slowly waking up from my brother’s cot and came to me. That moment iam very much exited. And she slept beside me. She asked me do you want water, then I say no because i dont want wast time her presence.

Then she took me clouser, then suddenly hugged with so much pleasure. Then she started saying sorry, and she was also taking promises to not repat the attitude of refusing food. She told our father very from us and we are staying with grandparents we need be in well manners then told on. She asked to promise then i did it. She was very happy took me every closer. My mouth accidentally near her breast. Unexpectedly she pulled my face near to her tits. Five minutes it’s so warm intimacy. My mouth is allmost currsed her nipples. Then slowly i started opening my unexpectedly. Little part of breast entered into mouth and my trusty of became every high.

So suddenly i started sucking slowly. Mam got surprised and told me do you want water i didn’t respond, she told that she will bring water to me but i don’t want loose that pasition then I hugged hardly and say no. Then she swiped my cheek and told will you sleep thrusty and pulled more closer her chest and kept me like that fiveminuts. Then she observed my position and she slowly opned her jocket hooks and kept one of nipple in my mouth. Then immediately i took in my mouth and started summing. And immediately i forgot about my thrust eventhoe no milk in her tits